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The Little Website That Could Or How To Turn Your Little Caboose Into A Cash-Hauling Freight Train! 2019 Edition (PDF Format)

Did you ever just get sick of buying one program after another that promises to teach you EVERYTHING about getting rich on the Internet? 
Yeah, did I. For 8 long years, I searched and studied and tried to find that magic formula.  I bought every program and book I could possibly afford. 

It was so frustrating and disheartening. 
Then, I realized one day that I had discovered it. After lots of struggle and trial and error, I finally had a successful e-commerce store. 
Then another, and another.  It was something that became easy to duplicate with each store I created, once I had learned the formula.  
It's not complicated, but there is a lot to know about selling on the Internet. You have to know how it all works and what sells.  
If not, you'll just flop around like a fish out of water.  
You'll be a one-armed man rowing a boat in circles. 
Once you figure it out, you'll be amazed at how simple it really is. 

After I figured it out myself, I wrote a book about it. It sold a lot of copies in 2000. My readers went on to become millionaires - some of them. I did radio interviews about it and tried to teach it to everyone I possibly could back then. I knew what it felt like to buy information about Internet marketing and find out the information was useless. 

Why did I write this book in the first place? I like to see people succeed. It's the one thing I enjoy more than anything else. So, it makes sense that I'm back in the game of helping others. 

Then 9/11 happened. The dotcom crash happened. I decided to run away to Alaska because like a lot of people, I had a sort of breakdown after the Twin Towers collapsed.  I stayed there for a decade. I created even more e-commerce stores that were very successful.

In 2011 I decided to return to the Lower 48 states and find a home. I settled here near Charleston, South Carolina. 

After some surgeries and health issues, I finally decided to update my book. 17 years later, that book is even better than the first one. I'm anxious to share it with the world again, because it changed a lot of people's lives. You'll see their testimonials in a little bit, but first I want to tell you about a couple of my readers.

First there's Chris. After reading my book, he went on to become a millionaire and expert in the field of drop-shipping. He's still THE go-to expert in the field. He's been developing an amazing drop-shipping directory and teaching others for over 23 years. 

That's Chris, right there. He's still at it.

Another reader's name was Ned. Ned was at his wit's end. He couldn't take another day of it. He had tried everything. It just so happens Ned had been an expert at something he'd never thought about. He had been collecting Old Time Radio shows his whole life. 

See, Ned had something he realized was valuable. He had the knowledge and the product people wanted. Ned read my book during one of his darkest hours, and it inspired him so much he went on to become extremely wealthy doing exactly what he loved. 

He created a membership website that allowed people to listen and download his collection. He pulled himself up out of a severe depression and feeling of hopelessness. 

Did my book have anything to do with that? Some, but I give Ned all the credit because he saw something he hadn't seen before. He saw his value and how he could make money with it. He was also willing to show up and do the work. 

Ok, so what? (you're probably thinking) What could this book do for you? It's not the kind of book anyone else has written. It's not a book about just one method of making money on the Internet. It's a book about many different elements of selling on the Internet. 

I never paid for advertising, and you don't really have to, either. 

So what kind of book is it? 
  • It's a book that gives you hundreds of ideas and ways to create an e-commerce business that makes money
  • It's a motivational book
  • It's a theory book. It explains what selling on the Internet means exactly
  • It shows you how to get started, even if you don't have a lot of money to start with 
  • You'll feel inspired and fired up after reading this book
How did I end up writing this book?
Well - years ago, I found a book in the desk drawer of a man who had retired. I don't know exactly why he left it behind because it ended up being the most valuable thing I've ever owned. It was 1985, and I was at my wit's end. Broke, scared, tired. This book was dated 1967, and when I read it my life changed. 

After I read that book over and over again, I decided I wanted to write one very much like it that would help people. It took years, but the book became a success. It helped thousands of people to create their own online stores, ebooks, and email lists. 

It became not only a motivational book, but it was the very first time anyone had talked about something I called "The Triangle Method" of promoting yourself on the Internet.

After that, thousands of people have used a similar version of this method to get traffic and make sales online. They may not realize they're using the method I wrote about, but they are.

What else will this book do for you? It will most likely drag you out of a slump you're in or it will just spark ideas that will help you figure out where to go from here. 

You'd probably be shocked at how much theory really does matter when you're trying to get started running an online store. It's absolutely critical to get a depth of knowledge you probably won't get too many other places. Because I got to learn from the best like Dan Kinney, Dale Armin Miller, Rick Beneteau and many others, I can teach you that theory. 

It is also pretty important to understand the history of the Internet and how shoppers behave there. They're nothing like people who shop at the mall. They're distracted and have short attention spans. It's important to understand things like that in order to create a great shopping cart. 

What have other readers said about this book? Here's what they said: 

I started reading it this afternoon and really hate to put it down to do anything.  Very good work, and very informative.   Hopefully by tomorrow, I can start promoting your book for you and see if I can sell lots of them for you.  I love the book.

Liz Schmidt
Hi Lynne,
Well, I finally sat down yesterday and read "The Little Website." Wow! It's now got a permanent place in the corner of my desk where I can grab it when I need it--which will be often.
Anyone who is just starting to market on the net should stop whatever they're doing and read this book cover to cover before they go on. It could shorten their learning curve, literally, by months--if not years. Anyone who is already successful should re-read it as a refresher.
I'd highly recommend it to anyone.
I loved your story about "picking them up and putting them down." I could especially relate since I was working as the 10PM sportscaster at the NBC affiliate in San Antonio in 1981 (I don't suspect you had much time to take notice). I also enjoyed looking at your list of life-changing books--some of my favorites were in there too, particularly Think And Grow Rich. The older I get the more I realize how lucky I was to have found that book when I was in my early 20's.
Best wishes, Lynne, and congratulations on a wonderful effort.
George is the founder and CEO of The Academy Of Marketing And Advertising,
The book is everything I thought it would be and more. Thank you so much. 
-Lori A. Fortney
First I want to thank you for your ability to help create success. I joined your site a while back and I must tell you that -- I visit your site, read your emails and learn more and more daily with all the wonderful information you've given on your Little Website that Could. I can't imagine making this last year possible without having you and your site to help me out with those times that things just seem to be slipping away. When I am helping others with their websites, I refer to you in many ways - advising them to join in and learn along with me.. Thanks for a great year.....
PS: Can I have your new e-book too!
"The Little Website That Could" is an excellent, well written book, and a must read for anyone thinking about starting or already running an internet business. Great insight into how the internet works and how to accomplish your goals within that framework. Full of useful references and resources.
Alan Raz
"As a search engine optimizer" I purchased your book for the Yahoo inclusion tip. To my surprise I found not only a unique way to get into Yahoo, I also found a treasure trove of resources and tips that are unique and without hype.
Just good honest to goodness tips that will help anyone, beginnner or expert, to succeed on the web.
Thank you for your efforts!
Best wishes,
Tim O'Keefe
Dear Lynne,
I have read your book; 'The little web site that could' and found it fascinating and just plain fun to read. You have taken a subject that is mumbo-jumbo for many and turned it into a wonderful, easy to read book. I've loaned it to others who say the same. Thank you for a fun book on a spooky subject! 
Fred Miller
Niskayuna, New York

Dear Lynne:
Thanks for you autographed copy of your "Little Website That Could". I will treasure it for ever.
I have read your above book twice and am going through it again. You and your book are absolutely fabulous!
Lynne, I love your book. you are an Angel--
Robert Pinnick
I just wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying "The Little Website That Could". I've been "book marking" all kinds of valuable bits and pieces that I will incorporate into my website. Thanks for a terrific e-book!
Mike K. from N.J.
Thanks for a fascinating read! I really enjoyed it.
...WOW I love how you think!...It's such a pleasure to speak to someone who shares their ideas so freely and is a true expert! I've got a lot there to absorb. I appreciate all of your many great very practical, usable ideas. Keep  them coming...
Thanks again for the great book!
Rosanne Nelson
RE/MAX Heritage
"Your Favorite Realtor"
Toll Free: 1-877-254-1298
Serving Fairfield County CT
Lynne Schlumpf has done it! The Little Website That Could is The One resource manual for everything you need to know about promoting online. With my new electronic bookstore, I am on the continual hunt for new ways to promote my website. I can stop right here! Lynne has done the leg work for us. Lynne's easy to read manual is so full of ways to promote, where to promote, links that are just a click away, "free stuff," and page after page of great ideas. My only complaint is WHAT DO I DO FIRST!? Peggy Hazelwood, Editor
Lynne would be a marketing guru except she's more like a Coach. Send me in, Coach, I can do it!
J.T. (chose to remain anonymous for now)
I have had the great pleasure to work with Lynne, the author of "The Little Web Site That Could", and I am just delighted after reading her new ebook.  Lynne has done an exceptional job at gathering unbelievable fool proof information.  As marketing director for I can truly tell folks that Lynne knows what she is talking about and goes through great detail to help others succeed with their online business.  I strongly recommend for those that have not had the opportunity to purchase "The Little Website That Could" to do so as soon as you can.  It will certainly be a book to remain on my bookshelf and I know I will frequently use it.  Lynne you've  gone through great lengths to give us all the opportunity be become more successful through your book and I commend you on a job well done.

 Let me ask you a very blunt question:

Have you ever wanted to read something about running your e-commerce store that would give you the foundation you need? The Little Website That Could is a book like that. It isn't like ANY other book out there. Not for the past 17 years. Not since the Internet was made available to the general public. Not really since EVER. 

It's still as useful as it was in 2000, and probably even more so now. It has some additions to it in this 2017 edition that will help you navigate the new world of e-commerce when it comes to social media marketing. It also has a really great secret to getting free publicity for your website that I discovered many years ago. It still works just as well today. I will tell you a little secret: 

It's not as different from the year 2000 as you might think, this Internet marketing thing. What's new is social media, of course and the websites have changed. Many of the methods of getting traffic to your site are exactly the same, though. 

It inspires. It will empower you. It will teach you things you won't learn anywhere else. It is a GAME CHANGER. 

208 pages of  life-changing information. When is YOUR life going to change for the better?

I'm going to tell you a little secret I learned about Internet marketing course materials after reading close to a hundred of them myself: 

If you're trying to learn from someone who has only been doing it for a few years, you're probably not going to get much depth out of what they teach. 

Difference: I've been an e-commerce store owner for almost 23 years. 

If you're trying to take a course taught by someone who seems to be only trying to sell you a course about something they might've done for only a very short time, you're probably not going to get what you were looking for. How do I know? Because I spent years buying and reading every single course and book I could get my hands on. 

MOST OF THEM WERE GARBAGE or just based on passing fads. Things that only worked for a very short time. 

That's why I ended up writing this book after 8, long years. I was tired of trying to learn from other people who didn't know what they were talking about. So (maybe you are thinking) what makes me think I have more to teach than they did? 

Because I started in mail order in 1984. I have been selling either offline or online ever since. 33 years now. 

I've never NOT had a business that either sold through the mail or from a website. I'm one of the few who is doing what I teach. I've walked the walk. I've struggled and learned what it takes. I've had failures, yes. I've had a lot of successes, though. I learned sales and marketing from some of the greats like Joe Sugarman and Jay Conrad Levinson. I was personal friends with George Haylings. These are the greats, and I can teach you what I learned from them.

There's one more reason I felt I needed to rewrite this book: I'm 58 years old. I'm no spring chicken. In the military, they taught us that if we weren't teaching other people to replace us then we've not done our job. I don't want to someday leave this earth and take what I've learned with me. I want to give it to other people like you first. 

There's a natural law in the Universe that says something to the effect that an object at rest stays at rest until you apply an outside force to it. A website is very much like that. You have to work at it. Then one day, the money just starts flowing. Because you kept showing up and putting in the work required.

Maybe you're thinking, "Oh, well this guy on Youtube told me that I can get rich really fast. All I have to do is do what he does." See, there's a problem with that. You're not him, and that kind of success is usually not sustainable. If he was doing so great, why isn't he doing it now instead of trying to sell you a $3,000 course? I get that there are great courses out there, but I've always learned more from just doing. The thing about fast successes is they aren't nearly as sweet as the ones that come slow and stay for a lifetime. If you're busy enough with your store or website, you won't have much time to worry about what other people are doing. 

        Here are the Chapter Titles from the book: 

        Introduction: How the Little Website That Could Walked out of My Head and Into My Life (and yours)

        Chapter 1: The Little Website Becomes a Corporation - Getting Your Business Started

        Chapter 2: The Baby Steps of the Little Website That Could - Lessons I hope you don't learn the hard way like I did

        Chapter 3: What An Itchy Bunch of People They Are - The Internet is a place where attention span can be your enemy

        Chapter 4: The No-Brainers of Internet Marketing - Where to begin first

        Chapter 5: Let Your Little Website Shine - The elements of a successful website

        Chapter 6: Marketing with Ezines - Getting your website's engine started

        Chapter 7: Search Engines - How to get the big search engines to give you a supply of fuel

        Chapter 8: Ebook Marketing - A new method of fueling your engine

        Chapter 9: Affiliate Programs - How to Get Others To Fuel Your Engine

        Chapter 10: Website Sticky Notes - How to get them to hang around longer and keep coming back

        Chapter 11: Ecommerce and Etailing it Out There - Turn your little caboose into a "cash-hauling freight train"

        (2017 UPDATE) Chapter 12: Social Media – Your little caboose’s path to the fast lane without spending a lot of cash

        These Ebooklets were published and sold separately, but I have included them as a bonus for you:

        Ebooklet #1: How to Protect Your Online Store From the Internet Burglars

        Ebooklet #2: How I Turned An Ordinary Hobby Into My Wildest Dreams

        Ebooklet #3: How to Guarantee Your Website A Listing In Yahoo And Other Large Search Engines - "The Triangle Method"

        "Little Website Memoirs" - Articles by the Author

        Appendix A - Business-Related Sites

        Appendix B – Links From The Book

        About The Author

        MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: You have 14 days to decide if this book is useful to you. If you're not COMPLETELY satisfied, I'll personally refund your money. No hard feelings. Keep the free ebooks you've downloaded as my thanks for trying out the new version of "The Little Website That Could." 
        None of us will ever know what kind of life we could have if we never take a chance on anything. You could be like one of my readers who, after reading my book, began earning over $20,000.00 a month with his business idea. You can order the 2017 version right now by adding it to your cart.  As one of my readers, you'll always be able to reach me by email. I'm never far away for your questions. 

        Here's a fantastic bonus for my readers: 
        Send me a copy of your Amazon order #, and I'll send you a link where you can download some great free ebooks: 

        BONUS: As one of my readers, you'll also receive access to a vault where I keep over 90 PDF electronic books I've saved over the years since 1997. NO ONE ELSE has a collection like this anymore. Just be sure to enter your email when ordering for an account so you'll get notification from me where to retrieve your FREE membership to my secret vault. These are famous copywriters and Internet marketing experts who knew how to write sales copy on their websites. They used sales techniques that have almost disappeared from websites. You'll learn how to write a page that draws them in emotionally and encourages them that they need what you have to offer.  

        There are books in the Secret Vault that will teach you so much more than writing great copy, too. There are books like the following titles: 

        • Sales Letter Toolbox
        • The Mother of All Search Engine Reference Books
        • Affiliate Marketing Magic
        • 6 Ways To Outsell Other Resellers And Become A Super Affiliate
        • How to get people to eagerly buy from you
        • Create a Killer Sales Letter
        • 55 Ebook Marketing Opportunities
        • Create an Order-Pulling Marketing Plan
        • How To Design and Create a Great Ebook
        • Million Dollar Emails
        I'll write you back to let you know where to download them. 
        Send me a message from this website,(using the contact form on the right side of any page) and I'll let you know how to download them. 

        But wait! There's more. Send me proof of your Amazon purchase, and I'll send you a copy of my 2nd book: "Afternoons Off! 75 Surprising And Secret Ways To Make A Fortune On Your Kitchen Table." It's a .pdf version, also. Here's more about that: 

        This book was written in 2001 and was my second book. I enlisted the help of hundreds of news clippers all over the United States. They mailed in thousands of news articles about home business opportunities. 

        I chose the 75 best ones and published them in this electronic book. 

        Ready to change your life in a unique and profitable way, based on years of testing and research? It's time to order "The Little Website That Could." You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.  If you decide, before the 14 days is up, that you just don't find any use in any of it, let me know. I'll refund your money right away. You'll get to keep the free gifts. 

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        432 pages
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